G's expertise and passion are in employing design to give agency, dignity, and quality of life to the elderly, the frail and sick, and the physically or cognitively disabled. Our firm has specific expertise in design for aging people, seniors’ and long-term care design.

We bring a sensitive and pragmatic, resident-centered approach to designing care environments. We work to balance the increasingly complex requirements of a modern health care environment and the needs of a frail person’s home, with that individual’s rights to dignity, privacy, normalcy, and a non-institutional environment.

Design has a large role to play in improving the quality of life for those living with challenging physical or cognitive impairments. Our work can both enrich and make safer the lives of the staff who work in a home, the patients who live in it, and the families who visit them there.

We see our key role as assisting our clients in developing a physical framework that will support their own model of care. We also help our clients see how fundamental design decisions can impact both capital and operational costs.